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Sweet & high energy
wedding videography
for larger than life couples.

Experience your wedding day over a lifetime.


+About Us

Filmmaking Masters.
Storytellers at Heart.

Our couples love to watch their wedding videos with each other, family, and friends on their anniversaries, holidays, and especially when there isn't anything to do but to reflect on how far they've come in life. Our service extends beyond the day of your wedding, and is the ONLY service that gives you the ability to experience your celebration over a lifetime in full audio and visual context.

Your wedding isn’t going to be just a good time. It’s going

to be the BEST time. And you’ll need go with the flow wedding videographers to capture it all, in a style like no one else’s because basic wedding video just won’t work. You’ll want a high energy wedding video that reflects your story best because this will make you look forward to watching your celebration every time.

You don’t want to secretly talk yourself out of not wanting a video simply because other people are saying you’ll regret not getting it. We don't want you to dread not being able to be completely yourselves on your big day!

If you've never been professionally filmed prior to your wedding day. This can be a bit of a new and weird experience, so we gotcha covered! We won't make you do anything you aren't comfortable with. You don't have to become a professional actress or actor. We insist that you enjoy the planned and natural essence of the day. As you and your guests enjoy your wedding day, we strive to elevate your celebration with intentional artistry that best reflects your family, friends, and yourselves! Learn about the Filmmaking Masters family and more about our filmmaking process here.

Start By Inquiring 

We offer customized services for all couples, but we believe there are mandatory elements that make videography a worthwhile investment that every couple should be aware of.

Let's Work Together

Schedule Free Consultation

Once you've inquired with us, you'll be re-directed to watch an interactive video. From this video, you'll get a better understanding on how to choose your wedding videographer for your wedding day! As you watch our short interactive video, we'll review your inquiry and reach out to you on availability and next steps.

Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Enjoy your wedding day with the comfort and confidence of knowing you've hired professionals who know where and when to be at the right places and time.


+ Client Testimonials

A good review of Filmmaking Masters by a bride named Tony Floback Greiner. She has had a very happy experience working with the Filmmaking Masters videography team!

Toni Floback Greiner

+ Our Portfolio

Abbie & Angelo's Wedding Video | The Prelude in Virginia, Iowa
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Wedding Highlights + Interviews

Abbie & Angelo's beautiful celebration followed by best wishes, and advice, from their closest family & friends.


View more wedding highlights here.

Learn how to choose your wedding videographer for your wedding day needs.

Content coming soon.

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  • Should I inquire?
    You're engaged and now have lots of questions! We want to help make the process as simple as we can. You don't want to spend your entire budget on random stuff that could have gone towards a higher quality videography experience. Even simply wanting to chat with us about the necessity of videography, and then deciding after our call how you want to prioritize it will go so far for you! So please do schedule a time to chat with us by inquiring through our website form!
  • Where is Filmmaking Masters based out of?
    We are based out of southeast Iowa, but travel all around the world to do weddings! We've filmed weddings in Europe, Southeast Asia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, and of course all over Iowa! We'd love to do more weddings in places such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, California, New York, Florida, Utah, Colorado, Bali, India, Mexico and where ever else couples would love to take us!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    For simplicities sake, the initial deposit is non-refundable. The final half of payment can be refunded. Inquire with us to setup a contract and see the full details of our refund policy prior to signing the contract with us.
  • Do you charge for travel?
    If you are getting married within the state of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri or Illinois! We do not have any travel fees! If you are getting married outside of the states mentioned earlier. We would love to work out travel costs with you, and see if we're still in alignment with your wedding day trajectory!
  • Am I required to feed the videographers?
    Yes! All of our couples love taking care of their vendors just as much as the vendors are taking care of their couples! Having food provided during the reception is a necessity for happy relationships haha.
  • Do you have any hidden/unique costs?
    NOPE! We are fully transparent with what we charge in our contract agreements. If you have any questions at all about your contract. We will make sure to address it promptly!
  • How do you film weddings?
    With our videography style, we don't have to do a whole lot of planning because we shoot 99% candidly. We rely on the photographer and/or wedding planner timelines. Since we're working super closely with the photographer, they typically will have a shot list that we work around and we'll incorporate our own ideas throughout the day! We do this to not overcomplicate the planned events of the day and to also make sure our creative counterparts aren't more stressed than they might already be haha! We work extremely well alongside other wedding vendors with our style of filming. We are creating behind the scenes YouTube videos of different weddings we're at to give audible and visual context on how we work the day of. By watching our social media content on Instagram and Facebook. You'll notice that we are very laid back. We are very type B personalities which sounds bad, but this makes for an extremely easy going & relaxing time for everyone involved! Although we are very go with the flow personalities, we make sure to capture everything you're looking to have and so much more because we've filmed many weddings over the last decade. It's practically in our DNA to know where and when to be before moments even happen.
  • What about picking music for my highlight video?
    Due to lawsuits and strict commercial copyright laws, music for your wedding highlight video must be chosen from the music licensing websites that we are subscribed to. These websites license music for us to avoid any copyright lawsuits for ALL parties involved. Here are the music licensing websites we use! These songs are meant for just the edited highlight video. You can play whatever you want on your wedding day no problems!
  • Will there be a second videographer or team of videographers?
    We can add additional filmmakers if you have room to do so for your special day!
  • How do we deliver your videos?
    We'll upload all your video files to a wedding USB flash drive and ship it out to your home address! We also deliver your files online as well.
  • How much do you charge?
    We are a fully customized videography service and would need to discuss the needs of the wedding day to determine what will be needed to accomplish the goals of each couple. All it takes is less than 30 seconds to miss shots, have a poor quality videography experience, and potentially a ruined wedding day hiring the wrong wedding professionals. You don't want to hire just any wedding videographer for your day because we all come with different standards, morals, characteristics, values, styles, and so much more. Yes, we are an expensive service to most people, but the quality and service we provide delivers results to match the investment & exclusivity to each couple's wedding day. Please don't let the investment tag stop you from inquiring with us as we do want you to be informed on what it takes to hire the right wedding videographer for your day. We've got a solid recommendations list for couples who are adamant on sticking to their original budgets due to prioritizing other vendors/wedding day experiences as well who have specifically shadowed with us at wedding days. This way you can walk away with solid knowledge on what to expect and to make sure you have a quality vendor team for your big celebration.
  • Do we film destination weddings?
    Yes! We'd love to chat about your destination wedding plans! If we're in alignment, we'd love to film your beautiful union anywhere in the world.
  • Can you create & send CDs / DVDs?
    We do not create or send CDs/DVDs, but instead we send your footage in a USB flash drive alongside other goodies in the mail. Once you've received the footage, we recommend couples to go to a local Walgreens, Walmart, online service, etc. to create custom CDs/DVDs. If you prefer, you can also copy files onto multiple USB drives from your computer to give to family and friends that way as well! Lastly, we also offer additional USB copies for purchase too.


Inquire Today

It’s NOT the price, or even what’s offered in each package...


THIS is the most important question you need to ask your wedding videographer: “Are you available on my wedding date?”

Because we love to get things done and quickly! Please inquire today to confirm with us if your wedding date is available and to just discuss what wedding videography can actually do on your wedding day!

BIG NOTE: At no point are you required to buy anything after booking a videography consultation with us. We simply want to get to know y'all, chat a bit about videography, and see if our trajectories are aligned haha!

P.S. - If availability is open for your wedding day. We still may not have the same goals in mind but that's okay! The point of the Zoom call is to learn about each other, and to help you find the right videographer that aligns with your celebration. We want you to have the best time with the right vendors.

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