Videos We've Created

My 1st Wedding Company Trailer

I originally started Ches Brothers LLC with the business name " Enzo Gavelli " which was just a fancy made up name I created wanting to sound like a high quality brand. Overtime I changed it to Ches Brothers LLC because my family last name, as a first generation individual here in America, means so much to me. I wanted to build a legacy attached with my family name on it rather than build a Louis Vuitton/Gucci sounding brand. I believe when it comes to the wedding industry that family values matter a lot, so rebranding to a family orientated environment felt like the obvious choice! Although...I do think at times that maybe I should have kept it. It sure did make our wedding brand look reeeaaaal expensive haha!

Appanoose Rapids

Ches Brothers LLC teamed up with the Ottumwa Main Street Committee to provide an Open 4 Business Grant 2021 Video for Appanoose Rapids!


A short creative edit for one of my YouTube vlogs of my brother and I filming and photographing a beautiful quinceañera!

Pella High School Bahamas Choir Trip

Memories in the making. I was able to test out some advanced video effects I've learned when I was around 16 years old editing video game footage, but instead I applied them to real life footage I had shot mostly on my iPhone and GoPro Hero 5. I thought things turned out well back then using mediocre equipment! It truly comes down to making what I had available at the time work to the best it possibly could. Pushing things to their limits, and putting the pieces together in post to create somethings others initially had a hard time comprehending how I saw it coming together in my own head...At the end of the day...they loved it. :)

Ottumwa Riverfront Project Video

- Ottumwa Legacy Foundation

Ches Brothers LLC teamed up with the Ottumwa Legacy Foundation to create a video for the Ottumwa Riverfront Project!

Check out this business video here!

Iowa X-Plosion Cheer & Tumbling Trailer

" Our season may have been cut short ( due to COVID-19 ), but we are more than ready to come back stronger than ever! Huge shout out to Shounam Ches and Jey Ches at Ches Brothers LLC for filming our awesome videos! "

-Lindsey McCoy,

Owner of Iowa X-Plosion Cheer & Tumbling

Iowa X-Plosion's Benefits

This is an interview styled video we did for Iowa X-Plosion Cheer & Tumbling of Ottumwa, Iowa. Lindsey McCoy started her business when she was 20 years old. Find out where she is today!

The Conquer Movement

-Skydive Iowa

Made to connect adventurous Iowans together!

We've been invited to help people conquer fears through skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, and more!

The Conquer Movement

-Chestnut Mountain Resort

Made to connect adventurous Iowans together!

We've been invited to help people conquer fears through skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, and more!

Giving us the perfect opportunity to try our new virtual reality 360 action camera tech!

Martin Luther King Day

-Ottumwa YMCA, United Way Of Wapello County, Polar Express

We were reached out by the Ottumwa YMCA, and United Way Of Wapello County, to create special videos that brought the community of Ottumwa together. A movement to get people to feel they belong in Ottumwa, Iowa! It all starts with building relationships with others!

My YouTube Channel

I love to simply create content! This is my soon to be wife cutting my hair after barely watching the YouTube video I wanted her to watch very thoroughly! I just love to help people produce, and document unique things going on in their lives! It's super fun!

GOPIP Banquet Event Recording 2019

- Ottumwa Bridgeview Center

City Banquets, Corporate Events, and more event documentation!

You want to document an event? Special guest speaker? Important board meeting? We can do that for you!

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