Ottumwa Community High School Senior, Brayan Merida, Graduated 2020!

Future Plans

He wants to continue his studies at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa. Afterwards, Brayan hopes to attend the University of Iowa. Finally, he wants to come back to Ottumwa and open his own barbershop!

How The Ches Brothers Met Brayan Merida

The first time Shounam Ches had met Brayan, Shounam was at a meeting in the Ottumwa Community High School. Shounam Ches had walked in to Meadow Ream’s classroom with his business partner at the time, Krista Tedrow, and as Krista and Meadow were talking. Brayan immediately struck up a conversation with Shounam to help him feel more comfortable in the new environment around him. Very personable, down to earth, and easy to get along with! Made for a great first impression. I’m really excited to see him progress through life in these next few years. One thing I definitely hope he learns is the skill to cut Asian hair specifically. Trust me, Asian hair can be a different kind of beast lol. Best of luck to you Brayan, I hope to be working alongside you in the future! Definitely looking forward to him coming back to give the whole town some fresh cuts haha!

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