About Us

Get To Know Us A Little Better

Filmmaking Masters is a local Iowa video production agency that helps create profitable video marketing strategies that make sense for every unique business plan.

See if you qualify for a free business video by booking a free consultation with us! Send us a text message at (641) 200-0733 with your name and company, or fill out our contact form on our website.

Here is what happens next, our free consultation helps us to understand your business plan. From there we go about building a custom video strategy that aligns with your business plan for the best return on your investment. Depending on your business's needs, these are strategies that could involve building brand trust in your market, bringing in more leads, educational course content, recruiting, and more. All strategies help to minimize time spent running certain aspects of your business to give you valuable time back to spend elsewhere.

At no point are you required to buy anything we present to you after our free consultation, but we will provide you with high-quality resources that can bring your business to the next level if you want to make that happen.



“Filmmaking Masters did a 5 year anniversary video for my business, Faithe-Built Architecture. They did an amazing job. They were quick, thorough, listened to the direction we wanted and went beyond my expectation. We'll be working with them as often as we can.”